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apt-get or aptitude equivalent to yum.

When using Fedora I usually use yum localinstall as a way to install a rpm obtained outside the distribution repositories. I can't find an equivalent option in the apt-get man page. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04, if that matters. yum Python 3.x port Why can't I disable configured repositories on Fedora 21? Ask Fedora is community maintained and Red Hat or Fedora Project is not responsible for content. This depends on whether the package containing the file is already installed. If so, use dpkg -S filename. If your intention is to find out which package to install to get a certain file, one option is to use the online packages.: scroll down to "Search the contents of packages".Make sure that the right distribution is selected. Puis-je supposer que la yum upgrade est identique ou presque identique à apt-get dist-upgrade? ÉDITION 2. Ce que j'aime le mieux pour apt-get upgrade c'est qu'il me dit quels packages restnt conservés afin que je puisse agir en conséquence; soit avec apt-get dist-upgrade ou avec un apt-get install package explicite. 20/07/2008 · I've been able to find a good deal of information on apt-get, but haven't been able to find an answer to this question probably because the answer is "no", but I just wanted to be sure. Is there an "apt-get" equivalent of "yum list available" or "yum list java" for example?

sur redhat et fedora il y a up2date mais je crois qu'il faut un abonnement redhat network maintenant et sinon ya "yum" qui est à mon avis l'équivalent le plus proche de apt-get et apt-install de debian sinon il reste les patches fournis par ovh. rpm -ql packagename is roughly equivalent. You should think of yum as similar to apt-get and rpm as roughly equivalent to dpkg.yum deals with packages in terms of repositories, and rpm deals with individual packages. Ubuntu actually provides a cheat sheet on similar actions: Switching between RedHat and Ubuntu. apt-get will remain available for ever, as it is the scriptable and parsable command with a stable output. apt on the other end is aimed at humans, with colored output, a progress bar, etc. but its output is suspect subject to change. 19/03/2015 · Ubuntu uses apt-get instead of yum, up2date and so on to find, download, and install packages and their dependencies. Note that, unlike yum, apt-get is only for packages available in repositories - it cannot handle packages you have already downloaded. Fedora's yum package management tool has a nice option called whatprovides, which lets you find what package has installed a specific binary or file. What is the equivalent command on Ubuntu? For example, say I'd like to find what package provided /usr/bin/mysqladmin. I know.

I want to know which package manager like yum and apt-get works for Yocto system? Also, is there any way to get yum and/or apt-get to work for package installation on yocto. I installed yum but running yup update, just sleeps t here, nothing happensyum update Gathering header information files from servers Server: Fedora Core 2 - i386 - Base Nothing happens for several minutes after this and I have to press Ctrl-C. yum --help also doesn't tell anything much or there is no verbose option either. Sometimes YUM alone isn’t enough. Luckily adding the ability to use the apt-get command in CentOS is pretty easy. While I still encourage everyone who reads this to always use yum whenever possibleIt’s nice to know that you have options when troubleshooting a difficult install process. In yum you can set metadata_expire=never and manually run "yum makecache", note that this is rarely a good idea. Apt asks for confirmation much less than yum. In yum you can set alwaysprompt=false, at which point anything that doesn't require a dependency will happen without a user confrimation. sous fedora je galere pour installer amavis et clamav parce qu'ils ne sont pas connu quand je fais un yum:- donc je dois me retaper les rpm. il n'i a pas un equivalent apt-get sous fedora qui marche ? ou bien des serveurs "yum" plus fournis que ceux par defaut. Olivier.

In Debian derivatives, before installing software from apt using apt-get install xxx, it is necessary to run apt-get update. This refreshes the package lists so that dependencies are resolved correctly, etc. When using an RHEL instance, out of habit, I ran yum update before installing software.

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